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lavalink list

A list of free and available public lavalink. Feel free to make a pull request!

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📃 Lavalink SSL 📜 Lavalink without SSL FAQs


These lavalink hosts are grouped into two different categories. With SSL, and without SSL SSL one needed ”secure” to be set to true at client side, whilst the one without SSL should just works.

F.A.S.Q. (Frequently Asked Stupid Questions)

Is there a difference between SSL and Without SSL?

No there isn't. one uses a certificate and one doesn't. For website it is crucial to have an SSL cert for credibility, but for lavalink no. it is unnecessary. plus You don't wanna be the next manjaro right? :3

Is it true that SSL are more secure?


Is lavalink with SSL faster?

Depends, most lavalink that has SSL usually are hosted on replit and others free hosting provider, interms of reliability they're most likely to restart every few days or so.

If I wanted to host lavalink and make it public, should I use cloudflare?

tbh, no. Cloudflare drops websocket connection randomly, thus if you want your public lavalink to be reliable you shouldn't use cloudflare. If you're worried about ddos, consider getting server host that has ddos protection. such as, servarica.

Hosting guide:

For MacOS, Windows, or Linux:

TunnelBroker Guide:

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